Home Installation of a Marr & Colton 2/5
Theatre Pipe Organ
South Freeport, Maine, USA
Pete Haskell
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The organ was built by the Marr & Colton Company, of Warsaw, New York, in 1928. It was installed in the Thompson Square Theatre, in Charlestown, Massachusetts. The theatre, built about 1915, was located at 179 Main Street. Notice in the photo that one of the upright supports for the Boston Elevated Railway structure passes right through the marquee! It was described in 1941 as being a "Neighborhood" theatre, with 650 seats on the main floor, and 250 in the balcony. At some point, the theatre was acquired by E. M. Loew, and was added to his chain of theatres. After the introduction of sound movies, the organ was removed from the theatre, and installed in one of E. M. Loew's houses in Milton, Mass. From there, it passed through a series of private residences and storage locations, until I acquired it in 2005. I believe I'm about the 9th. owner! The organ has had several modifications and changes over the years, but is now back to pretty close to its original specifications. The site of the former theatre is now the location of the Charlestown Branch of the Boston Public Library, in a building built about 1970.

Photos of the organ in its last playing location, 1996